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🌻Self Care Sunday🌻

It's a brand new year! What's going to help you start off 2022 on the right foot? Here's some ideas to get you thinking about prioritizing your mental health this month.

🡪Wanting to get a little more movement in your life? Take a walk, find a you tube video, or do a few minutes of good old fashioned floor exercises or calisthenics.

🡪Need some escape time? Find a book to read from the digital library, a new game app to put on your phone, or a tv series you will enjoy.

🡪Cluttered house cluttering up your mind or emotional well being? Tackle one cupboard, closet, or shelf/counter space today to declutter.

🡪Feeling like you need to spend more time or make more memories with the fam? Step outside today to play catch, take a walk together, go to the park, or fly a kite.

🡪Feeling like some friendships have been a bit neglected with all the holiday preps and celebrations? Send a text or make a call to reconnect today.

Whatever will help you start this year off right, take one small step in that direction today. Happy New Year friends!

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