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❄️ Self-Care Sunday ❄️

Here are a few things to think about when putting your mental health first this holiday season.

❄️Don't let the holidays overwhelm you this year. Release any expectations you harbor of the "perfect" Christmas and focus on what's important, whatever it is that brings you joy during this season. Enjoy the little moments and try not to fixate on creating a "Hallmark" holiday.

❄️ Have a million things to do? Make a list (and check it twice) and complete a few tasks every day. Don't try to get everything done all at once and burn yourself out.

❄️ Last, but not least, give yourself a break. This time of year can be a struggle for many, you may not feel so "merry" or "jolly" as you believe you should. It's okay to not be okay, to take a break from social gatherings and just focus on your mental health needs. Give yourself permission to just be yourself, no expectations.

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