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Stand Together Drug Free

What are we about?

  • Decreasing substance misuse and overdoses

  • Decreasing violence associated with substance misuse

  • Promoting educational opportunities for parents and the community

  • Promoting strong families

  • Supporting or promoting alternative activities for kids

  • Building resiliency

  • Providing opportunities and materials to learn coping strategies

  • Stopping stigma

  • Harm reduction

  • Prevention related trainings

  • Recognizing the impact of trauma 

  • Assisting in Narcan distribution

  • Improving mental health

  • Spreading hope

AJ Pride.

 It is our own community driven empowerment that will help a thriving, healthy Apache Junction community rise to the top! Help us get there!

Community Collaboration

Risk & Strength Assessment

StandUP AJ collaborates within the community, mentor coalitions, and stakeholders to reach a common goal of youth substance use prevention. 

Our members work together to help assess the risks and strengths within our community to help reduce risks and bolster strength.

Trauma Informed Education

StandUP AJ is dedicated to helping promote access to trauma informed education throughout the community for parents, youth, educators, and more. 

Community Engagement

We participate in a number of events and activities to promote community engagement and belonging throughout Apache Junction.

Celebrating Rising Leaders

We aim to honor and center the voice of our youth, celebrating their rising leadership in youth substance use prevention and beyond. 

Gratitude For Our Members

The StandUP AJ coalition is only possible with the support of members like you- connect with us today to join!

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