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đŸŒ» Self-Care Sunday đŸŒ»

Many of us are back to a regular work week tomorrow. This may involve long hours, approaching deadlines, and holiday preparations when the workday is done. StandUP AJ wants to encourage you to keep up a self care routine despite extra demands on your time during this holiday season.

This weeks self-care suggestions:

◘ Drink plenty of water - 6-8oz servings

◘ Spend time getting some fresh air - even if it's just a short walk, get your body on the move

◘ Pace yourself - spread out your holiday preps to accomplish a little more each day

◘ Work in some healthier food choices when possible

◘ Journal, let out your inner thoughts/frustrations/or celebrations on paper.

◘ Get in some relaxation YOU time - watch a favorite holiday movie, have a cup of cocoa, coffee, or tea, more ideas here:

◘ If the holidays are a struggle, it's ok to let it out - be sad, cry, process for a time, find a trusted person to share struggles with to help get through those moments

◘ Let go of expectations for a "perfect" holiday celebration - do what you can comfortably accomplish without getting overwhelmed, then sit back, relax and enjoy

This list is not all inclusive - if you know something works for you - do that!

It is also not a must do list. Pick and choose the ones that resonate with you.

Most importantly, enjoy a safe holiday season!

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