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Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate YOU!

Have you or a loved one misused substances in the recent or far distant past?  Do you consider yourself or your loved one a recovered or recovering addict?  


If so, StandUP AJ wants to celebrate you!  Since September is National Recovery Month, there is no better time than right now!  


We understand sobriety is a choice that is not always easy to make and want to help recognize and celebrate your story.  While you should feel proud of what you have overcome, we understand that sometimes in society this particular success is not always met with the celebration or excitement it deserves.  We want to break the stigma associated with prior substance misuse and would love to start by celebrating YOU!  


Send us a message and let us find a way to let you know we understand the struggle is real and figure out a way to help you feel recognized and celebrated for the challenges you have overcome.


The fact that your journey has been successful may be the reason someone else gathers the courage to start theirs.


Please take a moment and send us a message right now.

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