StandUP AJ promotes healthy choices that contribute to positive outcomes, spreading hope and positivity.  We will be highlighting local youth in our beloved community of Apache Junction that are shining role models for our future. making positive healthy life choices.  We are looking for those special youth that set good examples for their peers in AJ that experience or practice spreading hope and/or making positive healthy life choices.  

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Javier Acevedo Boyce

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Javier Acevedo Boyce has not missed a single meeting of Teens with a Voice and has always been so open, honest and willing to share and help!  His class at school helped package the prizes and awards for the Lost Dutchman Days marathon so he is no stranger to community service.  He has a warm welcoming presence that is noticed by many at the club.  It has been a pleasure to get to know him a bit more and see how naturally he makes others feel welcome.

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Eli Day

Eli was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2000, at 15 months old. He is 22 years old now and doing great! However, while growing up, he suffered low blood sugar seizures. It is scary to be a child and have a medical emergency. Eli fondly remembers one time when a medic gave him a small teddy bear and it made his experience less frightening.

Eli and his mother Laura now help kids in similar situations by creating ElisHugBugs! Their goal is to arm first responders with hugbugs so when they are called out to assist children in medical emergencies or domestic violence situations, they have hugbugs in their vehicle to give a child for comfort! When the initial hugbugs are finished, they will be contacting local fire/police departments so they can distribute the hugbugs to children in crisis, at no cost to them!

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