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Self-Care Menu

This week we challenge you to create a self-care menu. This is a great activity to do with the youth in your life. Create the menu, decorate, and hang it up somewhere to be at the front of your minds. Another idea is to pick a specific time of day to dedicate to your self-care menu.

  • Need some ideas for your menu? Here is a list to get started -

  • Call or text someone you love

  • Drink a cup of tea or coffee

  • Spend quality time with friends or family

  • Journal about how you’re feeling

  • Take some deep breaths

  • Try learning something new

  • Write a letter to a loved one

  • Sit and be still for 10 minutes

  • Listen to your favorite music

  • Go for a long walk in nature

  • Cook or order in your favorite meal

  • Read a book

  • Do a digital detox

  • Go to your favorite place

  • Stretch

  • Read inspirational quotes

  • Get some sleep

  • Organize or rearrange your space

  • Exercise in a way that feels good for you

  • Write down 5 things you’re grateful for

Need even more ideas? Here's the list in it's entirety:

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