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Set Intentions

Setting daily or even weekly intentions as a family is a great way to begin healthy habits for good mental well being.

What are Intentions? Intentions allow you to have the focus needed to work towards what you want to achieve. It's great for setting goals and aspirations which is exactly what you want your child to learn to prioritize. Not just having a goal, but knowing how to work toward it, can be a very powerful tool.

What can this look like? At the beginning of the day sit down with your kids and have them list 2-3 things that would make today a great day for them. These statements will vary based on your child’s age and interests, but the habit is all about creating intention and focusing on it.

There are many distractions that tug at your child’s attention from the moment they wake up. Setting a habit to focus helps with mindfulness and personal responsibility

Help your kids set intentions by asking questions or statements such as:

  • What would make you proud today?

  • I will ask questions when I’m confused.

  • I will talk to someone new at school today

  • What do you want to accomplish today?

  • Is there something you’d like to let go of today?

  • I will say "thank you' when someone does something for me

Older kids will be able to set their own, however younger ones will need more guidance and suggestions. Just be sure to let them guide it as much as possible as you don't want it to be just another chore that lacks intent.

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