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Self-Care Bingo

Teen Lifeline shared a great activity that we want to highlight for this week's Self-Care Sunday! Who doesn't love a game of Bingo? This card is full of great tasks for promoting your teen's mental health. Start with three in a row but challenge them to see just how many they can accomplish. Take it a step further by doing it together as a whole family.

At some point this week introduce the youth in your life to Teen Lifeline for an extra layer of support in their life. "When a teen needs to talk, they often turn to a friend for support. That’s why Teen Lifeline trains teens to talk to other teens about their problems. Our peer to peer hotline gives them a safe place to connect with someone they can relate to."

📱Teen Lifeline is a free, confidential, anonymous hotline for teens. Peer Counselors are available by call or text from 3-9pm 24/7. Just call or text 602-248-8337

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