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A Month of Kindness

It's the month of kindness, so why not start by being kind to YOU. WebMD has an excellent article with ways you can start being being kinder to yourself for the purpose of nurturing your mental health.

What does it mean to be kind to yourself?

✔️ Speaking to yourself with kindness, the way you might speak with a loved one.

✔️ Understanding that pain is universal, you are not alone.

✔️ Looking at your emotions in a point blank way that neither suppresses nor exaggerates them

✔️ Setting realistic expectations for yourself

♥️ 🫶 ♥️

Here are the tips that are highlighted -

1. Show up for your difficult feelings

2. Do things you like.

3. Center on what you value.

4. Ground yourself

5. Savor your physical senses.

6. Hug yourself

7. Notice what you are grateful for.

Read the full article here to dig deeper on each tip:

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