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Welcome to our new feature... Family First Fridays! 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Don't worry, we will still mix in Self-Care Sundays throughout the month. Want to see older posts that all focus on you and your family's mental health? Just check out our full blog page here:

Today we want you and your family to think about one word...UNPLUG! It's good to simply reset our mind and bodies (especially when sleep isn't cutting it) and unplugging is a great way to do that. This can be an especially bonding routine if your whole family is included in the process. Here's some ideas for you and your family to unplug this weekend.

🔌Camping: This one is a little more extreme than the rest of the ideas. You have to have a little more preparation, time, and appropriate gear. But there's a reason this pastime is a favorite of many. Getting out of your house, away from screens, and back into nature can be very therapeutic and relaxing for the whole family.

🔌Game Night: Start a weekly or monthly game night for the family. Put away phones, turn off the tv, and bust out the board games! These days there's a board game for just about any preference, let everyone take a turn picking out a game and have a night of laughter, snacks, and fun.

🔌Crafting Night: Another activity that takes a little more planning but can be an absolute blast for the family. Paint portraits of each other, create marshmallow shooters, do a Lego creation, or learn some origami. The possibilities are endless!

🔌Tech Timeout: Need something less structured? Just stick phones and tablets into a box and enjoy time together as a family. It can be as simple as that!

Whatever you decide to do, unplugging and spending quality time with your family is something valuable and important for every member. Some of the possible benefits of unplugging? Less anxiety, improved social skills, and better quality sleep,


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