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Ways to Boost Your Energy

Sometimes, no matter how good of sleep we get at night we can find ourselves sluggish and feeling out of it. Thankfully there are some things we can try to give ourselves the energy boost we need to get through the day.

Here are 7 tips to raising your energy:

👉 Breathwork: Breathwork can have a positive impact on your central nervous system. When you feel stressed, your breath tends to become fast and shallow. This limits the oxygen entering your bloodstream. Look up breathwork techniques like deep abdominal breathing or 4-7-8 breath.

👉 Meditate: Clear your mind, focus on your breathing, and relax if only for 10 minutes.

👉 Sing: Belt it out loud and proud!

👉 Give: Pay it forever, do a random act of kindness, or donate to a good cause. You might be surprised how good it can make you feel.

👉 Go Outside: Nature can help to recenter and ground you. Also a change of scenery can be a great mood boost.

👉 Eat Something Healthy: Eat foods with a low glycemic index for a natural energy boost

👉 Exercise: Good cardiovascular exercises will strengthen your heart and give you more stamina.

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