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The Seven C's

This week we are talking about a fantastic tool for you and the youth in your life to gain some resilience.

Why is resilience within families, especially for kids and teens, so important? Youth resilience has been established as a protective factor for youth substances and other outcomes. We want our youth to bounce back in every setting, but realistically, they’ll be able to handle different settings with varied levels of resilience and we want to give them the tools to do this as best as possible.

Now let's talk about the Seven C's! Why is this such a great tool? All the C"s together create a net of resilience-building strategies It emphasizes “coping” which prepares one to recover, and “control” which gives one the sense that choices make a real difference.

The Seven C's are...

👍 Confidence







Want to learn the importance of each one of these words? Check his video explaining the Seven C's here:

As parents, you want to protect your children from everything bad in the world, but unfortunately they are still going to have challenging times. What you CAN do is give them the tools to navigate and recover from these challenges in a healthy and positive way.

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