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🌜 Self-Care Sunday 🌛

This week we are reflecting on our past and taking baby steps toward a plan of action for making our mental health top priority. Getting hung up on past mistakes is not the goal here, instead filter what things you have done for yourself that has been a positive move for your self care and leave the rest where it belongs, in the past. Next is our action plan. Finally starting to put our mind to making self care a reality and not just an idea.

✎FIRST CONSIDER THIS! "Tracking your most cared for self helps you establish a baseline of happiness and health set on your terms and no one else's. It can help you reflect on routines or habits you need to incorporate again into your life. Plus, it can help you break down your self-care journey into small, approachable steps."

Self Reflection Questions:

👉Now -- what has worked in the past to help me get to my best self? What typically recharges me physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually? What do I need more of in each area?

👉Brainstorm a list of possible tweaks to move me closer to balance. Don't stop until you have at least 10. Get creative, have fun. Consider double and triple benefit ideas. For example, walking with a friend outside gives me time in nature, exercise and social connection energy.

This is a practice best done on paper so that you can look back and remember the headway you made with brainstorming. Consider googling "mind map" as a way to get your thoughts onto paper. It may help get the thoughts flowing on paper and be quite beneficial to your self care plans.

Articles for reference, spoilers of what's to come so try not to look ahead yet!:

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