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⭐️ Self-Care Sunday ⭐️

We found a fantastic article that really helps you to tailor your self care needs. Everyone has different needs to be met, what better way then some self reflection as you answer these questions and really dive into what you can do for your mental health. This article outlines 10 tips, but that's a lot to digest in one sitting. Over the next month we will highlight a couple of these insights at a time. Let's get started with the first two!

✎CONSIDER THIS! "As important as self-care is, I don't want it to feel like yet another "should" in your life, or something else you have to "get right!" It's really just a process of starting to learn to recharge yourself, and it is different for everyone." Now find some time and really dive into the following questions. To give it your full attention perhaps even take out a journal and jot down your ideas on these topics.

1. ⭐️What is most important to me? Identifying your values helps you decide how to best spend your energy.

2. ⭐️What makes me strong? Think about your life to date. Take an online test that measures your strengths, such as the free VIA Institute on Character's character strengths survey . Building on strengths is very powerful.

That's it, that's your focus for this week. What is important to you and where does your strength come from? Feel free to come back and comment here with any insights you discover about yourself!

Article for reference, spoilers of what's to come so try not to look ahead yet!:

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