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It's Okay To Say NO!

Why are boundaries so important? They give us permission to say NO and not place everything on our shoulders. Boundaries also help us draw a line in the sand of what is acceptable and what is not. When someone crosses that line we need to take care of ourselves by letting them know and making that line a bit clearer.

That being said, here are a few tips on helping you set boundaries as a form of self-care.

1. Do a check in with yourself and write down your priorities.

2. Allow space and time for you to take a pause - especially after a request.

3. Here's the tough one - don't be scared to say NO!

4. No doesn't require an explanation, so try not to over defend yourself. Boundaries are necessary!

5. Don't let guilt consume you during those times you say no. Remind yourself that someone else's survival doesn't weigh solely on your back.

Want more details and examples? Check out the full article for more:

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