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Water Safety Tips

Today we are going over some simple water safety reminders as Summer is in full swing and pool time is here!

DYK: Drownings are the leading cause of injury-related death in children ages one to four years old in the United States. In Arizona, children in this age group are drowning at double the national average, and most often in swimming pools. So as a community we want to do everything we can to keep our children safe around water.

Water Safety Tips:

💧 Adult supervision is crucial when it comes to protecting our children around water. The supervising adult should not have any distractions such as phones, books, and definitely no alcoholic beverages

💧Swimming lessons are another way to protect children around water. They can help prevent drownings by allowing the child to swim out of the pool or to keep afloat until an adult reaches them.

💧Have a family meeting prior to entering water, go over water rules and why they are important.

💧When near a pool, lock any pool gates each time someone enters or exits. Never prop a gate open.

SRP offers a comprehensive checklist and other resources to prevent water emergencies, check it out at

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