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Summer Self-Care Checklist

Summer is an ideal season to prioritize self-care! Take advantage of the warm weather by engaging in outdoor activities, soaking up the sun, and focusing on your well-being. Use our self-care checklist to get some ideas for taking care of yourself this summer.

💤 Get some good SLEEP: A regular sleep routine and getting more exercise are all part of healthy sleep patterns that are proven to be critical to mind and body.

🌷 Get OUTSIDE: Get into nature but be smart about it - find places with decent shade for breaks and always have water on hand. Arizona heat is no joke!

📖 Read a new BOOK: Go to your local library or bookstore and pick a new book to read - or better yet see if they have a "blind date" wrapped book for more mystery and fun.

💧 Stay HYDRATED: Triple digit heat means we need to keep water on hand at all time. Stay hydrated and your body will thank you.

🌵 COMMUNITY events: Search online (or check out our digital bulletin board for events going on locally. Consider outdoor movies, yard sales, festivals, farmer’s markets, concerts or dance classes. Making fun plans can help you feel excited and give you something to look forward to.

📝 Start a JOURNAL: Writing can be a great way to express how you feel and check-in with your emotions. Or, it can just be a place to doodle or draw. Make it whatever you need.

What are ways that you prioritize your self-care in the Summer? Comment below!

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