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Stressed Teens - Family Resources

Today we are sharing a great family resource from - The Stressed Teen's Toolbox is chockful of activities and tips for connecting and guiding your teen with their mental health... and yours! Founded in 2004, the Stressed Teens website is highly focused on the science of mindfulness-based stress reduction.

So what will you find?

👉 5 tips to build a mindful relationship with your teen

👉 A family guide on mindfulness and positive neuroplasticity

👉 An article on managing high school stress

👉 Community and School Programs

👉 Family Self-Care activities

👉 Mindfulness audio practice

👉 Tips for managing social media...

and so much more. Take some time to really go through the family resource page and see what resources can help build up and connect within your family.

For additional teen resources check out our own SUAJ Youth Toolkit at


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