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Today we want to cover the importance of talking with your loved ones about the serious and sometimes uncomfortable topics surrounding substance abuse.

SAHMSA's "Talk They Here You"® campaign has an abundance of resources for you and your family. This campaign highlights why it is so important to talk with your kids through 5 conversation goals. These goals show why this is so important to do with your family. (Check out their brochure to get more in depth with these goals )

1️⃣Show you disapprove of underage drinking and other drug misuse (Over 80 percent of young people ages 10–18 say their parents are the leading influence on their decision whether to drink or not.)

2️⃣Show you care about your teen’s health, wellness, and success.

3️⃣Show you’re a good source of information about alcohol and other drugs.

4️⃣Show you’re paying attention and you will discourage risky behaviors.

5️⃣Build your teen’s skills and strategies for avoiding drinking and drug use.

So the big question is HOW do you go about this tough talk? Let us provide you with all the best resources we've gathered.

👉Table Talks: This is a book written by Michael Deleon (of Steered Straight) Table Talks is broken down into each months and offers daily conversations to be had for every single day. A great resources for keeping that conversation going. Learn more here:

👉SAMHSA's “Talk. They Hear You.” app that helps parents and caregivers prepare for some of the most important conversations they may ever have with their kids. Learn more and download the app here:

👉 “Talk. They Hear You.” Discussion Starter Videos to have conversations about underage drinking and substance use prevention in your community.

👉 The Alexander Neville Foundation website has lots of educational resources:

👉 Check out our own website for the Fentanyl 411 interactive. Have your child hover over each substance and find out which can contain fentanyl, use this to start a conversations.

We hope these resources can help you get that conversation started. You are your child's first step of prevention!

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