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Setting Boundaries

Our topic this weekend is boundaries! Why are boundaries so important? They give us permission to say NO and not place everything on our shoulders. Boundaries also help us draw a line in the sand of what is acceptable and what is not. When someone crosses that line we need to take care of ourselves by letting them know and making that line a bit clearer. Otherwise, we may feel resentful or even withdraw from the relationship. That being said, here are a few tips on helping you set boundaries as a form of self-care.

➡️ Find the line: The first step to setting boundaries is figuring out what you want for yourself. Sit down and write out what’s most important to you and where you draw your lines.

➡️Take a Pause: If you are asked to do something and aren't sure how you feel, hit the pause button. You don't need to respond right away, take some time to figure out how you really feel about it and if it is something you are mentally and physically able and willing to do without making other important sacrifices. Sometimes we find ourselves immediately saying yes because we are people pleasers or don't want to make someone uncomfortable. We have to train ourselves to accept that no or not right now is an acceptable response.

➡️Skip the Details: When you set boundaries and say "no", don't feel the need to defend or over explain yourself. You may be opening up your boundaries for debate, instead accept that a simple "no" is more than enough when it comes to protecting your mental health.

➡️Be Guilt Free: If you say "no", it's OKAY! Someone's world is not going to come crashing down around them if you say no to a request. It can actually feel quite comforting to realize that we’re not completely indispensable in most situations, others can usually step up to help.

Take some time to reflect on our personal boundaries and discover your "line". Your mental health will thank you as you realize you no longer are stretching yourself thin and are prioritizing your personal comfort.

BONUS: Check out the graphic and see some great boundary setting sentences!

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