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Mental Health Check-In

Are you struggling with your mental health? Self-care can be as simple as doing a check in with yourself. Better yet, check-in and teach a loved one or child how to do the same. MentalHealth.Gov gives great questions to ask our selves. Here are a few-

➡️Have I been feeling down for a while?

➡️Have I been eating and sleeping enough?

➡️Am I unable to perform simple daily tasks?

➡️Am I avoiding things I usually enjoy?

➡️Am I fighting more with friends and family?

➡️Do I have low or zero energy?

If you have decided that your mental health is struggling, what's the next step? You can call 988 the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline or the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Another way to get help is by talking to someone you trust. This could be a parent, family member, teacher, school counselor, spiritual leader or another trusted adult, who:

👤Gives good advice when you want and ask for it

👤Respects your need for privacy so you can tell him or her anything

👤Lets you talk freely about your feelings and emotions without judgment

👤Helps you figure out what to do the next time a difficult situation comes up

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