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Men Matter Too

Today's self-care tips are directed at men and male youth. Social media is overridden with ideas for women, but men need to prioritize their mental health just as much as anyone else. It may not look the same (or maybe it does and that's okay too), but it is just as important.

Here are some self-care ideas that are not gender specific -

-Exercising (a workout or a job, just get moving)

-Spending time with friends and family.

-Sleep in late

-Go for a mindful walk

-Unplug, a few hours away from screens

-Cook something new

-Listen to some music

-Make time for a good book

-Game outdoors (Golf or badminton)

-Journal every night for a week

-Practice positive self-talk

Share this post to remind the men in your life that their mental health is important!

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