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Holiday Stress Buster

Today we are talking about how families can cope with stress during the holidays. 🎄🤯

Especially during this festive season, It's important to prioritize self-care and take the time to recharge. This is not only a reminder for adults, but for children as well. If you’re feeling stressed out, your kids are probably experiencing something similar. So here are some stress busting ideas for the whole family to try out when thing's get tough-

✔️ Get some exercise, make it something you actually enjoy like sports or a walk with the family.

✔️ Create some healthy and delicious meals together as a family, try a new recipe and maybe start a tradition

✔️ Start a gratitude journal, especially beneficial during the holiday season when it becomes easy to compare yourself to other families.

✔️ Find something to make yourself laugh, it can help flip a switch in your mind to ease some stress.

✔️ Put away the phones as a family for an hour and just play some board games. Unplug together!

✔️ Get good sleep! Make bedtime relaxing and allow your mind to actually shut down and recharge.

Remember, self-care is not selfish; it's a necessary part of maintaining your mental and emotional well-being. So don't forget to make you and your family a priority this holiday season.

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