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Happy Mother's Day!

What a perfect day to match up with our self-care Sunday! Being a mother can often mean putting the needs of others before your own. What better way to celebrate motherhood then making your mental health a priority?

So, what can you do this week?

Here's a few things to try.

🌹 Move that body! Find a trail with a beautiful view, have a dance party, anything to get your blood flowing and your heart beating. It's good for your body and equally as good for your mind!

🌹 Say NO! When you are overwhelmed or busy, speak your truth. Don't overload yourself to try and make everyone happy, especially if it is making you miserable. Put yourself first and know that it is okay to say "sorry but no!"

🌹Connect! Set something up to spend some quality time with your friends and loved ones. Only those people in your life who you feel most comfortable around and bring you joy. Whether it be a game night or a girl's night, cut out time to have some fun!

Here's an article with even more great tips and ideas for this mother's day:

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