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Family Action Plan

We know you know that it is so important to commit to not just taking care of physical needs but also our mental needs as a family unit. What's step one? That can be daunting. That's why we found an amazing Family Action Plan from the National PTA website.

Why do an action plan? "Making small changes in lifestyle and behavior as a family today can make a big difference for everyone’s mental health and well-being tomorrow." And if you don't create a plan the likelihood of you making effort to put you and your family's mental health needs first may never become a priority.

So what's in the action plan?

👉 A checklist of some of the things you want to focus on first as a family such as eating healthier, family check-in meetings, or screen free times.

👉 A checklist of what specifically the parent/caregiver will be committing to each day/week that supports their child.

👉 A checklist of what the child will commit to daily/weekly

Download PDF • 225KB

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