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10 Fun Summer Ideas for the Family

StandUp AJ presents...10 Fun Summer Ideas for the Family! It's Family First Friday and we know it's HOT🔥outside. So we rounded up some ideas to help you and your family keep cool and have some quality time together. Check out the list below. (Have any activities you can recommend? Please put them in the comments!)

1. Local splash pad or community pool. (Be sure to follow safety protocols and have safe fun around water. )

2. Superstition Mountain Museum (Adults are $7 and kids under 10 are FREE) More info:

3. Visit your Apache Junction Local Library. Did you know they have a jam-packed calendar of FREE events every month? Check out what's happening:

4. Make a Time Capsule: Paint a treasure chest, have everyone in the family add something special to it and/or write letters for your future selves. Put it someplace safe or bury it and set a date to open it!

5. Book/Movie Club: Start a club where you watch/read the same thing and then come together to discuss it, maybe even do a trivia night for fun. Take turns picking the movie/book.

6. Video Game Tournament: Pick a family favorite game and host a gaming tournament! See who becomes the ultimate champ, maybe even make a trophy to pass around for each event.

7. Check out the Mammoth Mine Rock Shop in AJ. A unique shop with a large selection of dinosaur bones, rocks, minerals and fossils. More info:

8. Have a water balloon fight in your backyard!

9. Make a Fort: Use whatever you have in the house and turn your living room into an awesome fort. Play games, watch movies, or even have a slumber party in it. The only limit is your imaginations!

10. Morning/Evening Hike: Find some local trails and get one with nature at the coolest time of the day. Be sure to bring lots of water and get back inside when temps start to rise. Hopefully one of these ideas sparked something fun for you to try with your family this Summer. Have any activities you can recommend? Please put them in the comments!

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