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Random Acts of Kindness Group

Random Acts of Kindness Group

Random Acts of Kindness of Gold Canyon (RAKGC) is a small group of local volunteers that solely exists to make a difference improving the lives of others through Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) and providing mainly homemade products to assist those in need. Think about the raw impact this has on our society and the world where random hate crimes exist because coexistence has broken down. Our Vision is simple. Where there is division, we foster coexistence. Where communication has broken down, we encourage acceptance. We encourage change for the better. Imagine if everywhere you looked Random Acts of Kindness were being performed. People begin to smile, faith in humanity is restored, there is hope for individuals in need. And on the horizon, you see an improved community.

Random Acts of Kindness of Gold Canyon’s main focus is making products that assist others in need with their daily living. In conjunction with other community programs we strive to meet the needs of our community. Our members and community volunteers create quality products that are donated to individuals and facilities in need. It is not unusual for RAKGC members and volunteers to produce 8,000 to 10,000 pieces of product each year. We rely solely on our member’s volunteer hours and our giving, caring community for their donations. The hearts of these two groups of people make Random Acts of Kindness of Gold Canyon successful and where we are today.

Check out their Facebook group and see what they are currently working on!

Want to Donate or learn more?

You may have some things collecting dust that could be put to use by this amazing group to impact and improve the life of another! Click here for the supply wishlist!

OR Click here to learn more about this wonderful group!

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