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Jeff Struble

Jeff Struble

Jeff Struble has done so much to provide positive alternatives for youth in AJ - AJ Kids Idol, Open Mic Nights, and now a new community Chess Club and this is only what we are aware of! His group Rhino Recreation is completely led by youth. His restaurant, Fatman's, also displays artwork from local schools.

He was instrumental in getting Buddy Benches installed for kids at AJ elementary schools to sit on if they are struggling or feeling left out or lonely. When kids see others sitting on the bench, that is their cue to invite them to play or see what they can do to help. Jeff has expressed an interest in helping with StandUP AJ's youth and has offered Fatman's as a meeting place to have an initial meeting among the youth leaders within the coalition to offer tips on letting the youth be in charge and to see what amazing things we can come up with if we put our heads together.

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