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🌷 Self-Care Sunday 🌷

Spring has sprung and today we are going to SPRING into action! Whip out your journal from last week where you should have jotted down a list of "tweaks" you could start implementing to the benefit of your mental self care. (If you missed last weeks activity just check it out here and catch up real quick - )

Okay now you have that list in front of you and it is time to move on to the next tips, we are actually going to complete the remaining 4 tips as they will go by quick and should be done together! Okay let's dive in, but first...

✎ CONSIDER THIS! "Think: How can you incorporate the things that made you smile and laugh into your day now? Or, the everyday routine that helped you get the rest you needed? Or, start talking to yourself and setting boundaries in a way that supports you again?

Once you know what you want to work on, start breaking those goals down and revisiting routines that have worked for you in the past."

Self Reflection Questions:

👉Circle the top 3 that sound like they would have the greatest impact. These can be eventual goals.

👉Star the two that sound easiest or most fun to achieve. These can be your first tweaks because early success will fuel long-term success and keep you out of the "should" zone.

👉Create tiny SMART goals from these. SMART means specific, measureable, action-based, realistic and time anchored. Make a chart, enlist an app, or put star it on your calendar. (Adults like stars, too.) Then decide how you will celebrate your win. This wires your brain for more!

👉Put your next self check-in meeting on your calendar now!

Okay! You did it! You've made the first steps to enact real change in your day to day life. These won't be huge shocks to your life, but a slow and steady journey of prioritizing your mental health. It is the beginning of you being able to recognize how you can spend energy in ways that will improve your well-being. Be sure to check out the full articles below now that you have completed all the steps!

Articles for reference, spoilers of what's to come so try not to look ahead yet!:

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