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Kids At Hope


Kids at Hope Could Bring a Culture of Caring to Our Beloved Community of Apache Junction/Gold Canyon


Let’s face it. . .the last year or so has not been the best and hope has been a bit hard to come by.  Hope can certainly seem elusive particularly when times are hard.  Some individuals, however, are able to find hope even in the toughest of circumstances.  Kids at Hope (coined to offset the idea of “at risk kids”) has dug into the science of hope and how to help spread it to those who seem to struggle more to find it.


Kids at Hope in collaboration with Arizona State University created the Center for the Advanced Study and Practice of Hope (Hope Center) with founder Rick Miller currently at the helm.  Listening to him speak certainly breeds hope in and of itself.  He speaks about what it will take for kids to be able to obtain what can seem elusive to them at times - HOPE.  He speaks of believing all children are capable of success…NO EXCEPTIONS.  He speaks of adult Treasure Hunters making individual connections with youth.  He speaks of time travel which is another way of explaining the power found in teaching kids to fast forward into the future long enough to imagine what they want to have their future look like, then travel back to the present in order to take the next step and set the next goal to make that future happen.  He speaks of the tools it takes to truly spread hope and show others where to find it!

Kids at Hope is not a program or an activity.  It is a culture.  Within that culture, we adults all become what have become fondly known as Treasure Hunters.  Every youth has something that makes them special.  Something that makes them tick and has the possibility of helping them shine.  Sometimes it just truly takes a bit of treasure hunting to help them discover what that is.  Once it is found it can be the key to unlocking a successful future for them.  

Learn Strategies in Prevention.

Knowledge is Power.

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We Have For This Initiative

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StandUP AJ,

a substance abuse prevention coalition, is supporting the efforts of Pinal County Juvenile Court Services in helping AJ/GC become a Kids at Hope community.  


Will you join us in becoming Treasure Hunters for the youth here in AJ/GC?  If you would like to find out more about how to do so, please contact Kim Heredia ( or Shelly Verley ( or check out the link below!

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