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Kabat's Frontier Ace Hardware

Kabat's Frontier Ace Hardware

StandUp AJ would like to present... Kabat's Frontier Ace Hardware

Kabat's Frontier Ace Hardware Page Kabat's Frontier Ace Hardware Kabat's Frontier Ace Hardware has been a source of support for the community of Apache Junction through supplying materials for community improvement projects such as fencing materials for the community garden and paint for the Rotary Club to repaint lines for the high school parking lot! We love that Ace's philosophy revolves around them being a good neighbor to their community, that they are not "just" in the hardware business. The best part? They prove it with their actions by volunteering within the community. We are thrilled to highlight them this month for all they do!

What do you think has been the key to your success?

“We are not in the Hardware business, we are in the people business. The guests we help in the stores, are the people who provide us the opportunity; to help support the community.” -Joseph Burks (Director of Sales and Marketing) ​ “Meet 1 goal per day, so your not over whelmed. 1 Goal is a achievable.” Evelyn Pruss (Hope for Prisoners program)

What message do you have for adults or youth who may be struggling with things right now?

“Be your own hero, visualize the best version of yourself and aspire to be that person. That way you always have someone to keep chasing, and improve on.” ​ -Joseph Burks (Director of Sales and Marketing) ​ “The progress you already have made will remain, no matter what other challenges remain” “As of present day you have survived 100 per cent of all your bad days.” “You are not alone there is some one to always talk to, even people you don’t expect.” -Evelyn Pruss (Hope for Prisoners program)

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