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A New Journey!

This #SelfCareSunday we take a moment to honor our AJ grads!🎓

Graduation is a moment to be celebrated while at the same time considering what the next goal will be to keep your ship of life moving forward in a way that will promote positive growth and preserve mental health.

It may take some time to find a new stride so keep an open mind while learning to navigate new and unchartered waters. Remind yourself to keep a growth mindset by replacing thoughts like, "I will never get there" with "I am not there yet, but am taking one step at a time and will get where I want to be in time." Disappointments often come from having high hopes and expectations - either there is some frustration in accomplishing them or things don't work out the way we had hoped.

While we want to keep those high hopes and dreams, it is also ok to let the idea of "perfect" go and give yourself permission to take more time or find a new path forward. Plan B, C, D, or even Z, lol, can be just as great as plan A! Rather than focusing so hard on the outcome, be sure to enjoy the journey in getting there. Each moment has beauty of its own. Take some time to savor the moment you are in. Especially this moment of celebrating your accomplishment!

Congratulations to all our AJ grads be they preschool, kinder, 8th grade, Seniors or college level!

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