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Tabitha Sears

Tabitha Sears

Tabitha has taken on the role of Youth Sector Representative for the coalition along with her best friend Jess Davis. Tabitha helps at the Boys and Girls Club on a daily basis. She is really good with the younger kids as well as able to relate easily with the adult leaders and her peers. She is stretching herself and stepping outside her comfort zone to be our sector rep which is so greatly appreciated!

Q & A

What do you think has been the key to your success?

"I feel like the key to my success would be setting goals and holding myself accountable and the support from family and friends and the people close to me."

What message do you have for other youth who may be struggling with things right now?

"You may be going threw hard ships now but it doesn’t define your future or who you are. Ask for help , talk to people. For youth you can talk to adults at school , counselors, teachers, people that you TRUST. For adults they can have counselors to , or support groups in some sort."

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