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The Best Valentine's Gift

Valentines is fast approaching and of course we want to talk about the best kind of love today...self-love! Be sure to set some time aside for your mental health needs, show some love by prioritizing YOU.

So how are some ways we can do this?

💗 Do something you love: Carve out some time this week to focus on a hobby or pastime that you love. Get out your paint, brush off your bicycle, find your old scrapbook...whatever it is that will give you some joy and much needed peace.

💗 BREATHE! Take even five minutes out of your day to simply breathe. There are lots of great meditation apps and videos that can give you meditated breathing exercises which is a great place to start until it becomes more of a habit.

💗 Find forgiveness: letting go of grudges and practicing forgiveness, research has shown that it can help lower stress levels and even a lower risk of a heart attack.

Check out this Forbes articles for more details and ways to practice self-care this Valentines:

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