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Listen To Your Body

A great way to teach our youth self-care is to do something as simple as listening to the signals that our body gives us. This great graphic from the National Center for Youth Issues reminds us that feelings aren't good or bad, wrong or right, they are simply our body telling us that something is off and we need to listen.

Teach the youth in your lives to investigate and ask "What is this feeling trying to tell me?" Next, it's time to figure out what your body needs. For example, if your child pinpoints they are stressed, it provides you the perfect teaching moment for some stress management tips (check out or website for stress resources )

Why do we prioritize self-care with our youth? We want them to learn healthy ways to manage their feelings so that as they get older, and life gets tougher and feelings get bigger, they know how to manage the stress in their life without the desire to abuse substances.

Resource for Children: Check out the book "My Body Sends a Signal: Helping Kids Recognize Emotions and Express Feelings " to help teach littles about listening to their bodies.

Resource for Teens: Check out this article "5 Ways to Know Your Feelings Better for Teens" for some great tips " #standupaj #prevention #mentalhealth #selfcare #selflove #wellness #healthliving #goodcleanfun #bekindtoyourself #selfcareisntselfish #youth

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